I have kept this website simple, and free of too much clitter to make it quick to load. However I will consider paid adverts as a header and footer, paid in either BTC or GBP please use the email link at the bottom to contact me.
These websites are regually checked by myself and do pay out in a timely maner. Free Daily Bitcoins(Now Hourly) Random amount minimum sent 0.0001 BTC
Bit CrateFree Daily Bitcoins break a crate win a random amount. (Often 'out of coins)
CoinadFree Bitcoins every day
Bitcoin AddictFree Bitcoins daily
Bit VisitorVisit a new website every 5mins, free BTC each site visited
Bitcoin FaucetFree Bitcoin (Can get 0.001 BTC one time only, req's a Google Account)
TenDrawBTCFree Daily Scratchcard.
CoinTubeFree bitcoins for watching YouTube videos on their website (Hint, turn down the volume and keep surfing on another window/tab
Bitcoiner.netFree bitcoins daily
Daily BitcoinFree Scratch off, and Daily Lottery(Pay 0.001BTC per lottery ticket)
In4mationVisit 10 websites get 0.001BTC each page (Often the same page, however hit back button and revisit)
Bunny RunPick a bunny in a race, win the prize
I use these sites everyday and have recieved BTCs from each of them. If there are any problems with the sites then please let me know.
Useful BitCoin websites.
Free Bitcoin Wallet, gives you 'discounts' at the end of the month (Ie Interest) + Free transfers to other flexcoin accounts
I haven't yet found any working faucets or free litecoin websites, if there is any please let me know and I'll add them to the page
Litecoin Pools
As I only have a laptop I only mine LiteCoins, and can highly recommend using pool-x.eu Low cost pool currently at 2% pool fee and FREE withdrawals + automatic withdrawals not had any problems.
I haven't yet found any other pools that are still active. But still looking.

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